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 👑Satta Batta or Satta King 👑 A very well betting game called " Satta Batta " has its beginnings in India and is regularly played all through the country, but particularly in Mumbai. Bets are placed on numbers ranging from 0 to 9 , which are usually drawn twice a day in this game. Bettors stake their money on these numbers, and they win a certain sum of money if their number of choice and the number drawn match.  Join Whatsapp 100% Guarranty The Hindi term for the game,  "Satta Batta," roughly translates to "betting numbers." Due to its unlawful status in many countries, including India, "Satta Batta" is sometimes linked to controversy despite its immense appeal. Since the game is neither outright forbidden nor completely legalized, it exists in a legal gray area. Because of this, it frequently comes under the aegis of unlawful gambling operations and is targeted by law enforcement.   Many communities have incorporated " Satta Batta "